The Colosseum Review


The Colosseum Review:

The Colosseum is one of the most iconic ancient landmarks in the world.  Unfortunately, some parts of the outer walls have collapsed during an earthquake despite that there is still lots of leftover history left to get a real feel of what it would have been like in the days of the Gladiators. This landmark’s exterior is way better than the interior but it is still well worth a visit inside.

You can’t help but be impressed with the overall structure, but we thought that more information on the lower areas was needed.  These parts are now covered in grass and it was a let-down there was no public access there.

This is an attraction where you’re likely to wait a long time to get in. We took an official guided tour but we were disappointed as the guide could not speak English properly so we wished we went for the audio tour instead.  Although we did not learn much from the guide, the experience was memorable and stunning.

A standard ticket also provides admission to the ancient Roman ruins in the Forum and at Palatine Hill so don’t lose your ticket. Just make sure you don’t pay twice not realising it is included in the Colosseum ticket.

Top Tip: If you take the audio tour or an official guided tour which costs about 4 Euros extra and this also means you are able to skip the queue to get in at the entrance.

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    Facilities - 6/10
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    Value for Money - 8/10


The Colosseum is one the most iconic ancient landmarks in the world. And the tours around this attraction are just perfect creating an amazing atmosphere. Perfect for history-lovers.

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