Buckingham Palace Tour Review

Buckingham Palace Tour Review

Buckingham Palace Review:

Buckingham Palace is the London home of the royal family and her majesty, The Queen and the palace opens to tourists for a short time each summer, so don’t miss it. The palace is well worth visiting, but even if it’s not the right time of year, we’d still recommend going to see the palace just from the outside as it is stunning.

You’ll be amazed at how colossal it is, and you can spend time watching the royal guards. Look out for the flagpole on the roof, If it’s flying, then the Queen is in residence. If not, then she’s somewhere else.

You enter at the side of Buckingham Palace and proceed to the inner courtyard. You will see the staterooms rather than any of the Queen’s private quarters and finally you exit into the huge garden at the rear. An audio tour is provided as part of the admission price and a special children’s version, which the kids loved. We enjoyed our visit but we did think there was a lot of the palace that you don’t get to visit.

The Palace is usually open from late July to late September each year but the dates do change, so be aware of the latest dates before visiting.

It’s a very informative and fascinating experience in such an iconic landmark. Book your tickets here.


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One of England’s most famous Landmarks which offers tours during the summer. It is absolutely amazing to see some of the stunning interiors, highly recommend a visit due to its informative experience.

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